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American Male & Medical Wellness is offering a unique opportunity to be a part of your own wellness clinic in your area.
We ensure our Partners get the tools and support they need to run a successful wellness business! Our team delivers support and the most advanced medical protocols for your medical facility every step of the way.

Including help with site selection, clinic design, branding, medical training, sales training, operations support, logistics, advertising, marketing guidance, and more.

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How It Works

Discussion and Application

Let’s start by beginning discussions with our business development team. We’ll get to know each other — tell us your goals and background, and let’s see if this is a fit.

Pre-Qualify and Start Due Diligence

Once pre-qualifications are met, our business development team will start discussing the opportunity in greater detail. This will officially start the due diligence process.

Why Us?

American Medical Wellness Group has been owned and operated for over 10 years! We also own our wellness clinics and compound pharmacy.

We can provide our partners with the newest medical protocols and medications available in the market before any of our competitors do. We are proud to be the leading peptide supplier and offer our clients the largest peptide selection in the industry.

With the combination of the most advanced medical protocols and our superior branding recognition, we will provide you with a full business in a box, like no other wellness clinic.

Partnership Profile & Requirements

Once Approved

Partnership and Licensing Agreement

Review the Partnership and Licensing Agreement and schedule a call with our legal team to review the documents prior.

Site Selection and Site Approval

Our team, along with a network of top brokers in each market, is on standby, ready to help you to find the best site for a new location. Once you sign a lease, we’ll begin an extensive training program that provides your team with all the knowledge and hands-on training needed to prepare your medical facility.

Grand Opening

To prepare for your big opening day, our operations and marketing teams will work with you to get all the details finalized. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from final medical training to local marketing strategy.


Own your own medical practice!

American Male Wellness

American Male Wellness

American Male is a male clinic that helps men deal with natural aging factors. This clinic may help men deal with erectile dysfunction, testosterone replacement, premature ejaculation, and other issues that affect men. While these issues are natural for men as they get older, there is always help available.

The clinic uses the best medical practices and technology to improve the quality of life for every patient. Since its opening, the male clinic has had countless success stories of men regaining their life.

American Medical Wellness

American Medical Wellness is a clinic focusing on bettering the health of adult lives. This clinic offers specialized medical services like peptide therapy, menopause, weight loss, microneedling, PRP treatments and more. Each of these services may better the health and wellness of the patient.

Our wellness clinic has a team of medical professionals that understand the wants and needs of every patient. We understand that your health is very serious, that’s why our team does everything possible to better your health and wellness.
American Medical Wellness
American Wellness Pharmacy

American Wellness Pharmacy

Our Specialty Pharmacy focuses on compounding medicine. This type of pharmaceutical science creates formulated medicines that betters a patient’s wellness. For example, if a person’s body responds better to an oral pill compared to an injection, then our pharmacy may assist them.

Our compounding pharmacy also uses the best medical equipment and ingredients to create these medicines. This ensures the safest conditions for our pharmacy and the overall health of the patient. Helping everyone with their prescription needs is what we take pride in.

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Get in touch with American Wellness Group! If you have any questions about our branches or becoming an investor or a licensee then contact us today.

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